Paper Lions


Formed in 1978-79 (?) at Druid Hills High School, Atlanta’s Paper Lions (the original Paper Lions, not the other Atlanta band who released a CD in 2003) played most every club in Atlanta- once. Hedgens for “Rush Hour Rock”, the Bistro (filmed for a cable access show- anybody got that tape?), Tokyo Beach, (which had been a strip club, and you played in a row on the runway), TV Dinner, and some more I’m too old to remember. We got our name not from the Plimpton book but rather a huge circus poster of a lion that covered the back wall of Mack's basement, where we practiced. 


The band consisted of Mack Norman, drums, who went on to play with Sans Sedan, James Mann, guitar, who later worked for the Heartfixers, Georgia Satellites, Swinging Richards, etc, Chris McMahon, bass, Mark Lancaster, guitar, and Peter Damage (nee Shulman) on vocals.


The original band released a 45, produced by Jim Hicks, along with the band and friends Paul and Robert Evans, notables of the band Angelust. It was recorded at the now extinct Protestant Radio and Television Center, across from the CDC at Emory. The Swimming Pool Q’s recorded their debut album The Deep End there as well. It sounds a lot better than we did…!


Mack did the graphics of the sleeve, the picture was taken at Druid Hills, and I'm wearing a fake leather jacket while attempting to look like a badass. Ha. We ran off the sleeves at Kinkos and glued them together ourselves. The record was actually for sale at Turtles in Emory Village. Oh, how the money rolled in. Ha again. 

Paper Lions live somewhere, who knows when...


 Remember the band? Let me know


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